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Why Does Your Dog Need a Life Vest While Swimming?

You would probably love to take your dog on a water adventure during the Australian summers. But perhaps you are sceptical about this because of their safety.

That is where the dog life jacket comes in! It keeps them safe and protected from unseen hazards.

Indeed, with this special equipment, you will no longer have to worry about your doggy’s swimming safety. Moreover, you can take them to numerous public pools, rivers, oceans and seas across Australia.

Are you intrigued by the worry-free essence? Read on to know why you should invest in this.

1. Keeps the dog’s body temperature regulated or warm

Even though the weather is hot in Australia, the water bodies could remain extremely cold. Hence, every dog who loves swimming could suffer from hypothermia, irrespective of coat thickness.

That is why you must ensure that their body temperature remains regulated throughout the swimming session. For example, do not let it fall below 37.2oC, or their usual bodily functions could become impaired. This situation could eventually become fatal.

So, a dog life jacket will be a flotation device that keeps your dog warm, cosy and safe in cold waters. Some of the best quality ones have neoprene and foam that naturally insulates the dog.

2. Protects them from unseen hazards

Some lakes or rivers in Australia could have unseen dangers lurking in them. For example, debris, branches or sharp objects. Some of these hazards could hurt your dog and cause an infection.

Swimming pools are safe, but your dog might want a rugged adventure. In certain situations, your dog’s curiosity could harm them. At the same time, if natural water sources have a stream or current, the dog could get exhausted or caught up in it.

You can avoid all these accidents or emergencies by using a life vest. These would help them keep their heads above water and float to safety.

Fun Fact: A dog suffered a seizure during a swimming session, and his life jacket saved him.

3. You can spot them easily in the water

If your dog loves to venture into the unknown, you might lose track of them in any Australian water body. Indeed, you will feel worried since you cannot see their wading tail anymore. At the same time, some dogs would love staying by your side for security, while others like to disappear. The latter wants to keep a low profile, so you might lose sight of them, especially if they are small pooches. That is why you should get them a colourful dog life jacket with reflective strips. Doing this will help you locate them from a distance due to their float coat’s shininess.

As you can see, life jackets for your cute dogs could save their lives. These vests are flotation devices manufactured in Australia to keep your puppies and doggies safe during a swimming adventure. Some have a unique colour to help you look for them in a mass, while others have foam interiors to keep them warm.

In seas and oceans, dogs could get caught up in currents, and these jackets could help them keep afloat. At the same time, it helps you spot them easily in a public pool and protects them from unseen disasters or hazards.

So, are you ready to get this product for your beloved dog?

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