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What are the 3 principles of first aid?

Falls were the leading cause of hospitalisations, injuries and deaths in Brisbane in 2019-20. Contact with items (particularly sharp or blunt objects) and transportation accidents were the next most common causes of hospitalisation. Comparatively, hospitalisations in Brisbane increased by 1.5 per cent every year from 2009-10 to 2016-17. Fractures have been the most prevalent type of injury, across various cause categories, followed by skin wounds. This is where first aid comes in handy. First aid training emphasises providing emergency care to injured or sick individuals until full medical assistance arrives. Many relevant courses for first aid in Brisbane are available. It aims to prevent medical issues from deteriorating, ease pain, and provide reassurance while waiting for more sophisticated care to come.

First Aid’s Three Principles

The three principles of first aid indicate the treatment priorities in first aid:

Life should be preserved.

The main job of a first responder is to save lives. This includes examining the emergency for potential hazards to oneself, onlookers, and, of course, the casualty. The first phase in the DRSABCD method is to be cautious about the potential risk. A Basic Life Support diagram for this method is available for download. First responders should evaluate the victim’s airway and breathing after ascertaining whether the patient is conscious and dialling 000 for urgent attention. CPR should be administered immediately.

Avoid Deterioration

This is all about preserving the patient’s condition as stable as possible so that it does not deteriorate while waiting for medical personnel to come. To accomplish this, the first officer would administer first aid and reassurance. Additional injury would be avoided, and the patient would be safely and comfortably positioned.

Encourage Recovery

In delivering first aid treatment, the first responder would seek to reduce discomfort and inspire confidence in the victim. These are critical milestones in the rehabilitation process. These three principles assist first responders in prioritising their activities and play a vital role in emergency victim care.

Why should you learn first aid?

When an emergency strikes, first aid training gives you the courage to stand up and take action. Competent courses in first aid in Brisbane allow you to respond quickly and save lives or prevent permanent disability. Risk reduction is priceless. And prevention is preferable to cure. First aid training trains your instincts to be attentive to and detect potential threats in the house and workplace. As a first responder, this enables you to determine the proper procedures to minimise danger, such as evaluating appropriate emergency responses if required.

When is it necessary to administer first aid?

Many occupations require first aid certification as a condition of employment. Regarding health risks, the workplace ranks second only to one’s own home. For example, where employees are near high-powered gear that poses a health risk, there is a legitimate need for skilled first aiders.

Trained first responders are also essential for community or business organisations that serve the public. This comprises educational institutions, sports and fitness centres, shopping malls, transportation services, community swimming pools, and other facilities.

Despite its critical function in crises, first aid and its numerous benefits are outside the purview of medical professionals. It is not difficult to complete an authorised first aid course. It can be completed at leisure, beginning with a first aid course online and continuing with hands-on training and evaluation.

Your first aid certification will help your employment application. It is mandatory in many Australian businesses. More significantly, if the unexpected occurs, you will be prepared thanks to your first aid training. Find an authorised first aid school where you may receive your certificate in a single day.

Training for first aid in Brisbane is readily available and not prohibitively expensive. For the cost of a kilo of coffee beans, you may learn CPR from a licenced training organisation. There are training centres all across Brisbane, and you can even have a trainer come to you for the group first aid training with a group of friends or coworkers.

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