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Top 7 security testing certifications for you to land a job

Due to the unpredicted pandemic situation, buying groceries and medicines have also moved to online platforms in a considerable amount. Basing on the statistics, there has been a great upsurge in internet users this year owing to the lockdown and pandemic situation. In such a scenario, there is always a beating heart afraid about their security over the internet and always a cunning mind seated hidden behind commonplace servers draining and misusing the personal data of the users. Thus, be it an organization or a common individual, cybersecurity is of utmost importance in today’s world.

The security of a certain network or server and its integrity can be determined by a technique known as a penetration test. This test is also referred to as the pen test in trivial terms. It involves white hat hackers or the ethical hackers trying to enter into a secure network or firewall in order to detect the vulnerabilities and weak access points of the network in an intention to improve them. Thus ethical hackers may work in several situations like an external test, internal test, blind test, double-blind test, etc. An organization may hire an ethical hacker for the given purposes. Thus the firm will obviously require at least a certification on the part of the candidate to gain the trust.

Here are some of the 7 top security certifications:-

  1. Certified Ethical Hacker: – This certification is administered by the International Council of E-Commerce Consultants. This certification covers the areas of ethical hacking that may be named as: -enumeration, scanning, viruses, Trojans, worms, reconnaissance, etc. The certification opens up various opportunities for the candidates. The posts that require CEH as qualification are: – Network security tester, Security analyst, etc. The renewal of this certification is easy as it can be done by gaining points for volunteering, studying, gaining experience by Sprintzeal.
  2. CISSP certification: – This is the acronym for Certified Information Systems Security Professional. This is an advanced level certification as it requires minimum experience before applying for the certification. It is accredited to ISC 2. This certification testifies the skills of the applicant required for performing pen tests and examining the security measures and integrity of a secure network. It purely works by following the CISSP Certification. Certified Cloud Security Professional: – It is also referred to as the CCSP in short. As the name suggests, this certification deals with the skills and knowledge regarding operations of cloud-like cloud management, cloud integrity, cloud design, and data security, cloud architecture, post-disaster management, etc.
  3. Offensive Security Certified Professional: – It has been acronymic as OSCP. This also can be deemed one of the advanced level certifications as it rigorous practice on the part of the applicant along with vast expertise in practical applicability of the knowledge on security. There are several online training courses for this certification, along with guides that provide questions and solutions for real-life scenarios.
  4. GIAC Security Essentials Certification: – It generally focuses on creating, designing, and managing network essentials along with several tools required for the same. NAC, VLAN, Linux, etc., are to be mastered for this certification.
  5. Licensed penetration tester: – also known as LPT, this is also managed by the EC – Council. Several procedures of penetration testing that are reconnaissance, scanning, enumeration, analysis, etc., are the expertise area of a candidate certified with LPT.
  6. CREST: – CREST stands for a council of registered security testers. CREST is the amalgam of various certifications that are required for white hat hackers, for example, practitioner security analyst examination, registered penetration test examination, certified web applications test examination, certified simulated attack specialist examination, practitioner threat intelligence analyst examination, etc. The cost of this examination depends on the type of certification test the aspirant is undertaking and the venue of the examination. It testifies the various skills required for an ethical hacker.

Certifications have become the crux of interviews in the IT sector owing to the misguiding mentions in resumes. Thus certifications are the tools to a bright future of an aspiring white-hat hacker or ethical hacker. Companies prefer certifications while hiring professionals as cybersecurity is the first priority security for any type of firm owing to the data sent, received, regulated on an online basis due to this pandemic situation. Thus white hat hackers all over the world prefer the above-mentioned ethical hacking certifications for posts like network manager, system specialist, penetration testers, etc.

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