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Tips to Improve Your Productivity When Working From Home

Many companies now allow you to work from home, and this is something a lot of people are taking advantage of. One concern people have about making the switch is whether they will be as productive working from home as they would be working in an office. If you decide to make the switch, here are some tips to help you keep your productivity up and even increase it.

Let Everyone Know You are Working

Unfortunately, it can seem like you are hanging around the house when you are working. This can lead to family members talking to you when you should be concentrating on work. To avoid distractions that reduce productivity, it is a good idea to talk to everyone about your work and schedule.

Also, do talk to them about signs that show you are working. For example, those who listen to music could let their loved ones know they are working whenever they have headphones on. If you have a dedicated home office, shutting the door is a pretty clear sign.

Switch To an Ultrawide Monitor

Ultrawide monitors do not feature in conversations about productivity as much as they should. Taking full advantage of an ultrawide monitor can make you a lot more productive because it allows you to work on multiple projects or documents simultaneously.

People waste a lot of time switching from one document or project to another if they only have a little screen real estate to work with. Switching like this all the time is fatiguing and introduces the possibility of getting distracted, especially in cases where you have to minimize one window to work on another. You can eliminate this issue by working on an ultrawide monitor.

The ability to open two documents side by side when working on things like reports is a productivity hack everyone should be taking advantage of. You become even more productive if you are copying and pasting a lot of data across documents.

Ultrawide monitors come in different sizes, but it is a good idea to stick to one that doesn’t require too much side-to-side head movement. Past that and things can start to get away from you and it can be fatiguing, especially if you like to sit close to the monitor. Shop for an ultrawide Lenovo monitor for productivity and gaming.

Limit Social Media Use and Distractions

Social media can waste a lot of your time, and those who work from home are more susceptible to being distracted by it. Everyone working from home should do their best to limit social media use unless it is part of their job.

The best way to do this is to install apps that lock you out of social media websites and apps. You should also take advantage of the silent mode on your phone, so you are not distracted by the buzzing of notifications every few minutes.


Working from home can be very rewarding, and you can be productive while doing it. Ensure you limit distractions as much as possible, have set schedules for your workdays, and remember to plan ahead so you always know what you should be working on.