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Performance Support Systems: Significant Advantages

HR and L&D teams utilize performance support systems to supply workers with “just-in-time” self-help information aimed at enhancing their performance.

Leaders may use performance support tools such as in-app tips and walkthroughs to provide interactive material that can be used by followers to assist themselves. The staff might put this type of knowledge to use to help them solve certain challenges that they might be going through.

The human predisposition to learn via the process of problem-solving may be capitalised on by educators through the use of these tools. A performance support tool in its most fundamental form provides real-time, tailored help that can be accessible at any time of the day or night, on any device, and from any location. This is the case in its most fundamental form.

Users’ performance, productivity, and tool competency may all be increased over time with the assistance of performance support systems, which ultimately leads to an increase in the amount of digital adoption across a company.

A performance support system enables enterprises to provide the correct information at the right time. Additionally, electronic performance support systems provide the following benefits:

It saves money since it eliminates the need for on-site formal training programs, training manuals, pdfs, and other conventional training delivery techniques.

It allows users to go at their speed through the learning process of a computer program.

It boosts the return on investment of software deployment since workers are able to be up and running with new software in a shorter period of time.

Multiple media forms (text, audio, graphics, GIFs, etc.) allow it to accommodate a wide range of formal learning approaches.

It gives constant help to the users, resulting in a decrease in customer service inquiries.

In order to get the most out of the new software, EPPS provides an efficient onboarding process.

Performance Enhancement Systems: A Win-Win Situation

An EPSS has a swath of advantages, some of which are listed below:

  • Improved Digital Adoption:

Apps that include performance support systems enable teams to develop customized content integrated directly within their apps, which means that users and workers may be directed through an app and get help with an issue without leaving the app. When it comes to internal personnel, this implies better use of the company’s IT stack and more use of corporate apps.

In this way, enterprises may get the most out of their software implementations. Tools like this EPSS may help firms create better applications and software by providing better onboarding and continuing learnings for users.

  • More Skilled Users of Computer Software

By addressing specific inquiries, performance assistance tools elevate even the most inexperienced users to the level of an expert user. With this, businesses are able to design content depending on how different roles use various tools. The more comfortable users get with understanding more complicated functions, the greater the return on investment consumers will be able to get from these programs.

  • Training and Support that Is More Contextual

Human resources departments no longer need to construct universal training classes and staff onboarding procedures because of EPSS technologies, which allow each specific job to discover customized questions to challenges that they face.

Traditional means of training delivery such as on-site programs, manuals, pdfs, etc. are being replaced by this more efficient and less expensive alternative that also accommodates a variety of formal learning styles by including various media forms such as text, voice, graphics, and GIFs.

  • Decreased Reliance On Product Service and Repair

Organizations will be able to divert support tickets away from their product support teams with the use of self-service help. Improve customer service, spend more time with each case, and minimize the cost of your support crew by using this method.

  • Self-Sufficiency of the Workforce

Self-help performance assistance reinforces the concept of discovering solutions on your own, producing a self-reliant workforce for employers. This empowers workers, encouraging them to seek out solutions to their own questions, thereby empowering the team as a whole.


Today, we’re moving toward a lifelong learning philosophy in our culture. The best approach to make this more concrete is to provide performance assistance. This method of combining work and learning guarantees that employee get the assistance they need at important junctures, just when they need it most. Additionally, performance support aligns learning experiences to the times when we’re most open to learning new things.

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