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Let Bol Behen Address All Your Health Questions

WhatsApp and Girl Effect, a non-profit organisation, have teamed up for a new interactive tool, ‘Bol Behen‘, an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot that will answer questions about women’s health and well-being. The bot is modelled like a digital elder sister who would answer every question that girls and young women may have about their health and well-being. Bol Behan translates to ‘Ask Sister’ or ‘Speak Sister’, which creates an atmosphere of familiarity and makes the inquirer comfortable asking personal questions.

More About Bol Behen

The Bol Behan chatbot is a safe space to discuss health, reproductive well-being, sexuality, love and relationships. The bot is also equipped to answer questions in both English and Hindi, thus widening its reach and eliminating language as a barrier to accessing the chatbot. Bol Behan aims to empower young girls and women to give their health and well-being a priority by providing them with this platform to ask questions that they may otherwise feel uncomfortable or embarrassed in asking. All the conversations you have with Bol Behan are private and confidential. This is a great educational and awareness tool for women to access. It not only teaches girls and young women to prioritise their health but is also a step forward in the direction of giving voice to women’s health concerns.

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Accessing the Bol Behen chatbot is a simple process. You can either send a “Hi” message to +91-730449661 on WhatsApp or click this link to access the invite. While all women can access the chatbot, the primary target of the application is women and girls who live in regions with a lower level of digital literacy with access to only basic smartphones and internet access. Women in these regions may not access the right information about sexual and reproductive health. Hence, they must have a tool that can provide them with fact-checked information that is scientifically backed instead of being weaved in taboos and myths.

This is Girl Effect’s second venture with a Meta-owned company, the first being the launch of Bol Behen on Facebook messenger back in 2020, where it successfully reached a wide audience. With WhatsApp, this reach is expected to rise even more.