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If You’re Going Back To Work, Here Are Some Stylish Women’s Work Clothes To Consider

Suppose you’ve spent the last 24 months alternating between pyjamas and sweatshirts and the infrequent white shirt and blazer combo on the odd occasions you’ve had IRL board meetings. In that case, you’re undoubtedly at a loss for what to wear to work now that the mass coming back to the workplace is in full force. Someone who has been working at home since March 2020 is now faced with the genuine threat of a commute and the expectation of dressing professionally. This includes proper shoes rather than slippers and elegant blazers rather than cardigans.

It’s beyond me how you managed to put together ensembles five to six times a week with little thinking, much less how you got up in time to put on cosmetics and take the train. Don’t even think about putting on anything besides a wireless bra. People want to know how to dress correctly for work but also include subtle cues to the cosiness of your casualwear portfolios. This piece is here to dish up some essential sartorial inspiration to make mornings just a little tad simpler if you, too, are dealing with the notion of back-to-work clothes and womens workwear in general.

If you want to rekindle your sartorial flair at work, start by keeping things very simple. Start with the basics, and then add a splash of colour. There’s no need to acquire a whole new wardrobe; simply a few pieces here and there will suffice. It’ll be challenging to go wrong if you stick to the classics. Scroll down to see some smart-casual components that may all be together for work outfit inspiration.

A Black Blazer

One jacket isn’t enough; you’ll need one in every colour and shape, starting with a single-breasted model from the most extraordinary stores. Wear it on top of your favourite sweatshirt with the hood sticking out for an office-friendly smart-casual look.

A White Shirt

The most excellent option is a button-down shirt that is made to fit like a classic men’s shirt – so the taken-from-the-boys feel will be incredibly comfortable.

Trousers With Pinstripes

Pinstripes are an office staple, but these wide-leg trousers take the print more relaxedly. They’re also more comfortable.

T-Shirt In White

A plain white t-shirt is made to be worn multiple times, so if you’ve already been wearing one while at WFH, you can keep it on when you get back to the workplace. If you tuck the simple design into a midi skirt, you’re OK to go.


Overly oversized blazers are mostly the trend right now, so what better method to rock one on your first day back to work? The baggy fit is perfect for layering over tees and dressing up leggings.

T-Shirt With Long Sleeves

A terrific layering piece, a t-shirt with long sleeves is a wardrobe essential for matching with sophisticated pants and wearing underneath a blazer. It’s casual enough to put on at home but dressy enough for the office.


You’ll require a turtleneck bodysuit with long sleeves whether you have a capsule wardrobe. A black one is ideal and will look great at your desk when combined with high-waisted pants.


You might find it much easier to keep colours muted in womens workwear and your appearance neutral during the first few weeks. Wide-leg pants are ubiquitous at the minute for their work-to-drinks appeal, and a collared jumper is a stylish step up from your traditional knitwear favourites. If you choose a form-fitting top, ensure the bottom is loose, and vice versa. If you adhere to these guidelines, you’ll be sure to succeed in work.

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