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How to make hemp, and CBD extract?

Inflorescence extraction process

  1. Extraction
  2. Decarboxylation
  3. Winterization and Filtration
  4. Evaporation
  5. Molecular Distillation
  6. Preparative HPLC
  7. Evaporation
  8. Crystallization
  9. Isolated CBD Water Soluble

1. Extraction process (Super Critical Fluid Extraction)

Supercritical Fluid Extraction Technology It is an efficient technology in the extraction process that is environmentally friendly. This extraction technique uses carbon dioxide as a solvent. This is the use of substances under supercritical temperature and pressure; that is, the substance has the property of permeating solids like gases. And has a density like a liquid. Therefore, it can also spread and penetrate the solute’s structure. The extraction was based on the principle of adjusting pressure and temperature to suit the sample. It must be adjusted above the critical point of carbon dioxide. The extracts obtained from this method are free from residual contaminants. It is safe for the environment and consumers. Every CBD shop maintain this process.

2. Decarboxylation

It is a chemical reaction that removes carboxyl groups and releases carbon dioxide (CO2). The extraction of fresh inflorescences revealed a high content of CBDA or THCA when heated. These compounds are converted to CBD or THC, the complete transformation of which takes the appropriate temperature and time.

3. Winterization and Filtration

is the separation process (Winterization), which eliminates unwanted elements obtained from extraction, such as those of various waxes (Wax)? Since the inflorescences are extracted using the Super Critical Fluid Extraction method, all groups of substances are extracted. Especially the non-polar group. Therefore, different waxes must be separated. It uses shallow temperatures to separate the high-melting fats. Then it will be filtered (Filtration) to get purer oil.

4. Rotary Evaporation

Removal of ethanol with a rotary evaporator It is an instrument used to evaporate a liquid sample by distillation to separate the solvent mixture from the extract. Make the extract more concentrated. At this stage, a full spectrum extract is obtained. The dissolved solvent is vaporized by vacuum and heated to the sample to make it easier to vaporize. The solvent vapor then passes through a condenser with a cooling system. Causing the vapor of solvent to condense into a liquid flowing into the receiving flask can be reused. For a CBD shop must need to maintain to all product.

5. Molecular Distillation

It is distilled under a vacuum. Fast distillation and condensation time Using heat, each substance is vaporized according to the evaporation temperature range. This results in a product with a higher purity of the cannabinoid group, capable of separating unwanted substances and odours from the sample. At this stage, we will get a substance called Broad Spectrum.

6. Preparative HPLC

Purification by Chromatography, where the moving phase is liquid, and the fixed phase is minimal. Therefore, the flow of the moving phase requires the help of pressure. To cause the movement of solute and solvent, the separation of substances can be achieved by using a UV detector to measure. The work is controlled through the software system. It can be separated effectively.

7. Crystallization

Crystallization is a process of separation or purification of substances. The substance is soluble in high-temperature solvents. The solution must be supersaturated. When the high-temperature solution cools, it causes separation. Form a solid crystal. At this stage, we get a substance called CBD Isolated. Maintain your choice to buy CBD products from CBD shop.

8. CBD Isolated Water Soluble

It converts other forms of energy into mechanical energy causing it to vibrate back and forth. Causes sound in the ultrasonic range to spread into the air (sound in the ultrasonic range is sound waves with a frequency higher than 20 kHz or more), which benefits from this vibration can cause emulsion. In this step, insoluble CBD Isolated is used to form an emulsion with water solubility. And it can be dried into powder form so that it can be quickly and conveniently develop into a product.

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