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Here’s How You Can Become a Fashion Stylist in India

Do you have a keen eye for fashion and want to pursue a career as a full-time fashion stylist? Are you looking for courses that offer masters in fashion styling but unsure of enrolling? If yes, this article is for you!

A fashion stylist is a professional who is responsible for maintaining and coordinating all aspects of a person’s visual aesthetic. Fashion stylists work to make their clients look appropriate for the occasion. A variety of industries employ fashion stylists. Or, they may work with high-profile clients who are celebrities or HNIs.

Let us now explore what it takes to become a fashion stylist in India.

5 Tips to Become a Successful Fashion Stylist in India

#1 Develop Strong Networking Skills

As a fashion stylist, you must navigate the industry’s circles to develop a strong network if you want to have a solid client base. So, you must know how to network with designers and other industry professionals. You have to be adept and attend all significant industry events.

#2 Develop Professional Relationships

Good professional relationships are key to winning over new style clients. Building a reputation for yourself in a cutthroat industry like fashion takes time, and many fashion stylists achieve fame only after working for notable clients. When you start, most of your clients will come from recommendations and word of mouth.

#3 Promote Yourself!

To achieve success, you need ample self-promotion. Ditch all shyness and hesitation – this is crucial. Ask successful mentors and other professional contacts for referrals as you build your own business.

Have a well-developed website and a portfolio online so that you can be ready to show it to new and potential clients. If you can, develop a social media presence as well. This is an excellent way to target rising models, influencers, and other celebrities looking for fashion stylists.

#4 Gaining Experience Takes Time but Is Important

Gaining any kind of experience is more important than a degree or certification.  Yes, many fashion stylists earn a bachelor’s degree or even a master’s degree, which helps. But, be patient because you are against several competitors.

Keep applying what you have learnt, and garner all the experience you can!

#5 Stay Updated Always

Fashion is fickle, trends come and go, and the industry landscape can change overnight. Don’t be overwhelmed! Instead, try to stay updated with what is going on. The more you are aware of current trends, the better you will be able to win new clientele.

The Bottom Line

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