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Dubai Real Estate: How to Buy a House

Decide on a budget that works for you.

Buyers should be aware that a 2% agency fee and a 4% transfer fee are included in every transaction. Are you considering getting a loan? This means that a deposit of at least 25% of the property’s worth will be required. Because of this, you will be charged an interest rate of between 3% and 4% for the length of your loan and the bank. Set a budget by doing the math — your agent may assist you with this stage.

Are you pre-approved for a loan?

As a result, having a pre-approved budget offers you the ability to negotiate better deals. Before sending you a formal letter or email letting you know how much money you’ve been approved for, the bank has to go through your application. In most cases, the letter or email may be used for 60 days.

Look for a Realtor and a real estate company that you can trust.

To get the most out of your real estate investment, consult with a qualified agent who can help you better understand your financial circumstances and your personal goals. When working with experts in the industry, it takes less time to find a suitable house if you go into deeper detail at an early stage. Making it obvious to your agent what you’re looking for today will go a long way.

There are a lot of great homes out there.

It is your realtor’s job as a real estate advisor to point out areas and homes that are suitable for your wants and requirements as well as your financial means. Set up appointments to see a number of options until you find the one that works best for your schedule. If you are looking for Villas for sale in Arabian Ranches, please visit our website.

Think about placing a bid.

As a best practise, we recommend that you send your offer in writing, along with a 10% deposit check, as well as copies of your passport and Emirates ID for all parties on the title deed.

After the agreement is done, sign the MOU.

Your agency will write an MOU, also known as a Form F, which stands for Memorandum of Understanding. In the event that you and the other party sign the MOU, the 10 percent deposit check will be exchanged and the contract will be finalised.

Changing dynamics of the sales process.

The bank has to get involved if the buyer wants to get a loan. To get a mortgage, you’ll need a bank evaluation of the property and an offer letter from the lending institution. Buyers must settle the seller’s mortgage in full before filing a No Objection Certificate application (NOC). Ensure that the seller obtains a mortgage settlement statement from his or her bank once the MOU has been signed by both parties, since this might take up to two weeks. Depending on the bank, this process might take anywhere from six to 10 weeks to complete..

Apply to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOC).

In order to get a NOC to sell the property, all parties concerned will gather in the developer’s offices.