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Denial of Workers’ Compensation Claim- Things to Know About

If you are worried because your workers’ compensation has been denied, you must consider other options such as hiring an attorney. Since he knows what you can do to get the amount you deserve, he will increase your chances of winning the case. Without the help of a workers’ comp lawyer Virginia Beach, you will not be able to handle your case if your employer has refused your claim. It is important to learn why your compensation may get rejected so that you can avoid making these mistakes.

Reasons for the denial of workers’ compensation 

If you are planning to file a claim for compensation, you need to know the reasons for denial beforehand. Some of the common reasons are:

  • You reported the injury very late
  • You have filed the claim after getting fired from your company 
  • Lack of evidence or witness’s statement in your injury case 
  • Your medical report does not match with the injury you have mentioned in the claim
  • The presence of illegal drugs or alcohol in your medical report 

In most cases, if there is no one who can testify to your claim, the insurer will reject it without a second thought. In case, you feel that you have no witness in your case, you should report the incident quickly and honestly to the authorities. filmefy  If you want to get the compensation, you should meet all the deadlines and your attorney will be able to help you in the best possible manner.

You can re-appeal or file a lawsuit

In case your claim has been rejected, you still have recourse to appeal. You should not lose hope and get in touch with a qualified workers’ compensation. He will review the facts of the case and the reasons for rejection. If it is possible to file a lawsuit or re-appeal, he will prepare your case and go ahead. You may not be able to proceed with the case without his help because he deals with such cases on a daily basis. 

Not all claims are rejected in an illegal manner. Some of them are rejected based on valid reasons. Your lawyer is the best person to assess the rejection and figure out whether you should file the case for reconsideration. In case your employer fires you because you are incapable of performing certain duties after the accident, you can use this action against him and reopen the case. thedocweb

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