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Best Electric Bicycles for Commuters

A person spent dozens of miles on public trains, buses and even on his own car each morning and evening, so why you did not commute safe and sound? The expert Hovsco team has compiled your favourite electric bicycles for your commute from dawn to dusk where ever you want to go. If we look in past, the only human pedal-assist bicycles were famous but with the passage of time trends have changed. Now the combination of the human force and electric engine power gives a boom to electric bicycles in the market. The best electric bicycles of HOVSCO help you can go to your destination without sweating your clothes. What type of electric bicycles do you select depends on your commute, what type of ebicycles will comfort you, and would you use ebicycles except for office work? Yes, you can use commuter ebicycles for groceries, picnic rides, adventures and etc.

Best Electric Commuter Bicycles

HovRanger 27.5” Step-Thru Commuter

This electric bicycle has been designed by the experts of Hovsco ebicycles to carry everything you need, suspension with a versatile rack. HovRanger Step-Thru Commuter bicycles are specially designed for riders who give equal importance to ease and comfort on all surfaces.


  • It has a removable Lithium-ion 48V, 15Ah (720Wh) internal battery with a battery charge of 54.6V 3 amperes which can charge within 4 hours.
  • A 48V Brushless Hub Motor in his rear wheel with the peak of 970W and sustain at 500W.
  • Both rims are made of double wall Aluminum 36h.
  • It has two significant sensors the Torque Sensor and Cadence Sensor.
  • HovRanger Step-Thru Commuter has a 40-60 miles range with a maximum of 300 lbs. payload capacity.
  • HOVSCO Application can be downloaded free from Apple App and google play store.

Aventon Level

It has become a great choice for the commuter after discovering its features and specification. Their reliability attracts the rider that let them ditch the car. It has a sleek style that boots the rider’s go-to commute a mid-day.


  • This electric bicycle is equipped with a throttle which cuts out after 20 mph, as its top motor-assisted speed is 28 mph.
  • The double aluminium coated frame is equipped with a 500W rear hub motor and a 672Wh battery.
  • It remains to consist of high speed and is also known for its top speed controls.
  • You can also experience the hydraulic disc brake in a critical situation.

HovCity Step-Thru Cruiser Electric Bicycles

A sleekest 7-speed electric bicycle on the market today. These bicycles are lightweight you can easily take up to stairs after the work day. The well-structured frame and crazy style give a relaxing ride.


  • It can cover 60 miles with 300 lbs. payload
  • Equipped with 500W upgraded Brushless Gear Hub Motor which offers a 45 Nm torque for a comfortable ride.
  • HovCity Step-Thru is also equipped with full LED strip light with a 4-meter long range and about 20 m2 covers around the area.
  • A LCD display which tells battery condition, speed of the bicycles, scrolling of functions