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Best Computer Games of All Time

The PC gaming history spans decades and has been the foundation for a variety of successful titles. The 1990s technology breakthrough brought major leaps in ideation and fidelity. The 1993 version of Syndicate would require modern hardware to play. That’s why it’s important to have older games on your list – but only if they’re still fun to play. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the best PC games of all time.

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Metroid Prime: Another great game from the 80s, the first version of Metroid, was almost never released. It moved from traditional 2D platforming to first-person action. The game looked and felt like a million dollars when it released. It featured kinetic action, series staples, and a great atmosphere. Subsequent sequels added to the saga, making it one of the most successful gaming trilogy. As of this writing, a fourth installment is in development.

A new game called Alien Swarm is another contender for the best PC game of all time. This top-down action game takes inspiration from a classic sci-fi film. Its high-quality levels are reminiscent of Diablo, and its microtransaction system allows players to customize their characters and upgrade their gear. The multiplayer features are also perfect. The remastered version, Nightdive, includes survival and co-op modes.

The best video games of all time span decades, consoles, and genres. It includes iconic household names, cult classics, and countless forgotten gems. It is possible to rank these games by dozens of criteria, such as popularity, impact on the medium, and highest sales. There are also many ways to rank the best games of all time, but we’ll give you an example.

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