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Ancient Ceremonial Practices with Pure Cacao and Mushroom

We have heard of pure cacao and mushrooms used for mesoamerican rituals and ceremonies. They are for treating illnesses of the past and a way of communicating with God.

Cacao is different from mushrooms. They do not have the same effects, but they positively interact with each other. Traditionally, they were taken together and always in large


Cacao alone is not considered a psychedelic drug but improves mood and a deep connection to the inner self. Meanwhile, mushrooms produce the psychedelic experience with hallucinations.

The Aztecs called the mushroom the flesh of the gods and cacao the food of the gods. When combined, the cacao and mushroom work hand in hand to produce a mind and heart-opening experience.

Food for the Gods and The Flesh of Gods

Putting mushrooms and cacao together has been done for a long time and has a deep connection. The word “theobroma” comes from the Greek words “theo,” which means “god,” and “broma,” which means “food.”

When brought back to Europe, Cacao became the sweetened version we know today. But when looking at the history of the word chocolate, the Aztecs’ Nahuatl language means a bitter drink.

The Aztecs regarded cacao as a drink that had high regard and was only given to the upper class. However, cacao is not the only food that is made for gods.

Magic mushrooms, particularly teonanacatl or Psilocybe mexicana, are native to Mesoamerica. They are the famous flesh of the gods. They are often in combination with cacao to create a consciousness-expanding experience.

Modern Day Cacao and Mushroom

Today, we do not take cacao and magic mushrooms for ceremonial practices. Although they are still part of some group or tribe rituals, living in a country like Canada makes the use illegal.

But there are plenty of versions sold discreetly online. Instead of preparing cacao with mushrooms, you can buy ready-made chocolate magic mushrooms. Since cacao is bitter, most brands turn them into the sweet-tasting chocolate bars or drinks we know.

If you want to experience magic mushroom drinks with chocolate, you can try the Pure Cacao Original Mushroom by Zoomies Canada. It’s a tasty chocolate drink with a psilocybe cubensis to enlighten your mood.

However, when cacao is converted to chocolate, it doesn’t have the original effects it offers in its pure form. But you’ll enjoy antioxidants and other health benefits.

Benefits of Cacao and Magic Mushrooms

Aside from giving a unique and otherworldly experience to understand oneself better and go beyond what the human mind can see, shrooms and cacao provide health benefits.

Benefits of Cacao

The pure cacao used in ceremonies has higher health benefits than the manufactured chocolates. However, consuming dark chocolate with 60 to 70% cacao can provide antioxidants and compounds to protect our DNA.

It contains nutrients such as magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, etc., that help build bones, muscles, and nerves. Furthermore, it contributes to improving digestive health by increasing fibre.

Commercialized dark chocolate can reduce stress and the risk of type 2 diabetes, lower blood pressure, and lower cardiovascular diseases. This is because flavonoids are responsible for keeping the blood vessels in their proper function.

Also, it is known for its aphrodisiac effect. It increases the release of phenethylamine, a hormone released by the brain when in love. In addition, it also triggers the release of tryptophan and dopamine.

Benefits of Psilocybe Cubensis

Whether it’s a magic mushroom drink or fresh shrooms, Psilocybe contains the hallucinogenic substance psilocybin. In the past, it was only for recreational or spiritual use.

However, we are fortunate that modern medicine has recognized it as a treatment for psychiatric disorders.

Patients who have suffered from drug-resistant illnesses like PTSD, trauma, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse can undergo this therapy. However, since the treatment is relatively new, there are strict guidelines to meet before taking the program.

Psilocybin acts by turning into psilocin and activates the 5-HT receptors. These serotonin receptors will undergo neurogenesis, which can form new neurons in the brain.

There is also the practice of microdosing, which requires a minute amount of mushroom to feel a better cognitive function. Microdose of Psilocybin can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. In addition, it improves focus and concentration.

However, using small amounts and its beneficial outcome have fewer studies to back people’s claims. Therefore, most results are from surveyed individuals instead.

Combined Effects

Ceremonial grade cacao has a different effect and processing method than culinary cacao. The latter undergoes heating, peeling, and milling before it is pressed using the Dutching process.

Dutching separates the fat to create cocoa butter or broken into small pieces called cacao nibs. In addition, it is crushed to form the cocoa powder.

You can make your hot chocolate with magic mushrooms, or use ceremonial cacao, instead. The preparation is similar. Add hot water to your hot cocoa powder or chopped cacao.

The difference between the two is the presence of sugar, taste, and psychoactive effect. You can also enjoy many health benefits from cocoa and magic mushrooms.

Hot chocolate with magic mushrooms gives a mild euphoria depending on the number of mushrooms. Meanwhile, the cacao-magic mushroom drink will lead to a warm and uplifting experience.

The latter drink will give a heart-opening sensation similar to feeling one and vulnerable. In addition, the person becomes talkative, feels a sense of self-love, and has empathy.

Cacao will also increase the effect of psilocybin as it lengthens the attachment of the substance to the receptor for quite some time. Therefore, you’ll need to lower your usual dose.

Getting the Health Benefits of Magic Mushroom and Cocoa

If you are looking for a chocolate magic mushroom in Canada, whether in a ready-made drink form or chocolate bars, go to Zoomies CA. You can find various mushroom products that will

provide the psychedelic trip you want with improved health benefits.


Magic mushrooms and cacao have their history tied to the Mesoamerican ceremonies and rituals. The two coincide to provide a mind-blowing exhilarating effect with a heart-warming and opening experience. But, you can also enjoy the high impact of shrooms with the health benefits of chocolates from ready-made products online.

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