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All About Sunglasses

Prada focuses on producing leather purses, shoes, travel gear, ready-to-wear, fragrances, and other fashion items.

Prada sunglasses frames are protective eyewear made primarily to keep the eyes from being hurt or damaged by intense sunlight and other high-energy visible light. They occasionally provide visual assistance because they have coloured, polarised, or darkened lenses.

What Are the Different Sunglasses Components?

The frame, temples, and lenses are the three components that make up a pair of sunglasses. The nose pad, bridge, and a portion of the hinge are only a few components that make up the frame. Each component is created separately and then put together to form a complete pair.

The frames are produced first when a design is created, and then the temples. After the parts are put together, the lenses are made, and the whole pair is put together with the lenses in place.

Making of Sunglasses

The frame, which holds the lenses, is the first component created while making sunglasses. Before beginning production, the frames’ size and shape must be created on a computer. Following the creation of a design, the sunglass frames are constructed using the following six steps:

  • Step 1: Create a steel mould
  • Step 2: Design the plastic sheets
  • Step 3: Punch the blank frames
  • Step 4: Eliminate Extra Plastic
  • Step 5: Cut a Lens Groove
  • Step 6: Clean edges

Materials Used

  • The most often used and least expensive material for sunglass frames is plastic.
  • Due to its strength and low weight, higher-end sunglasses will include metal frames.
  • Wood Sunglass frames made from wood planks are non-toxic and allergy-free. Wood is a sustainable material as well.
  • Rubber sunglasses are cheap, more long-lasting than other materials, and are strong and perfect for youngsters. Rubber is available in a range of hues and can be very comfortable.


The perfect sunglasses are constructed of various components that work together to shield your eyes from sunshine.

UV coating: UV coating is the critical component of quality sunglasses. UV coating can be put on your plastic lenses to stop harmful rays from damaging your eyes, much like sunscreen protects your skin from damaging UV radiation.

Mirror coating: Sunglasses with a mirror coating are the first barrier in the battle to shield your eyes from UV rays. It functions by throwing light in the opposite direction from your eyes, just like a mirror, and is applied at the front of your glasses. This not only helps you avoid squinting and eye strain, and severe headaches, but it also aids in blocking out damaging sunlight from entering your eyes.

The anti-reflective coating (AR): By preventing light from reflecting off the back of your sunglasses, anti-reflective coating, or AR coating, helps eliminate those bothersome reflections and enables a much better view.

Lenses with polarisation: Polarisation is prevalent right now, and with good reason. Polarised light, which generates glare and can impair visibility, is what that is. Polarised lenses assist in filtering out and blocking reflected light to make driving and other outdoor activities safer, even if they don’t protect from those harmful UV rays.

It is possible to acquire a pair of Prada sunglasses frames with each of these crucial characteristics.


  • Wearing safety glasses reduces your risk of cataracts
  • Macular degeneration can be prevented with eye care
  • Your eyes are shielded from debris by sunglasses.
  • Fashionable and works as a better alternative to specs in functions, parties, travelling, etc
  • Powered sunglasses are also available.

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