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7 Tips for Styling Your UGG Boots for the Winter

Designed as practical footwear for providing warmth and used by surfers in the 1960s and 70s, UGG boots have come a long way. If you are someone who lives somewhere cold or is planning to spend your vacation in the mountains, then UGGs are mandatory for all practical purposes.

These boots were once known only for their utility and shunned by the fashion community. Well, not anymore! With celebrities and trendsetters like Kendall Jenner, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Gigi Hadid proudly flaunting their beautiful boots, they are creating all the hype!

While UGG boots are typically associated with jeans and an oversized hoodie or jumper, they are not the only way that you can style your shoes. You can experiment with your winter wardrobe and Uggs to create your own winter looks.

You can also draw inspiration from social media platforms and add flare to your winter fashion. Here are a few ideas that can help you create the perfect winter look.

Classic Cliché

Jeans and UGGs are a match made in heaven. However, please do not limit yourself to just skinny jeans. Consider the world of Uggs, your oyster! Pair them with mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, flared fits, and boot cuts, creating your unique look.

Comfort and Class

Pair your winter boots with your choice of leggings or yoga tights, and feel comfortable after a tiring workout session. You can wear a padded jacket to fight the cold and complete the look.

Denim and Winter Boots- Frenemy Saga

There may be some eyebrow-raising at the choice of pairing your boots with your Denim overalls or other Denim outfits. But doesn’t fashion stand for testing grounds? This winter, play around with rules by wearing your brown or chestnut boots on your Demin outfits.

Playing the Formal Grounds

The fashion police might say that you are only supposed to wear formal shoes with your formalwear. But who cares when it’s freezing outside? UGGs can make your feet feel comfortable and cosy and a little funk to your formal suits.

The unconventional choice of footwear might just complement your look. However, blend your favourite pair of boots with your outfit to enhance your aesthetics.

Spicing up the Monochrome

If you love dressing up in monochrome tones yet are looking for a spec of colour to make it pop, these trendy winter footwear might be the go-to footwear.

Boots and your outfit can add a different hue to a dull winter morning. These boots are available in different shades, so you have nothing to worry about. Imagine pairing an all-black outfit with your pair of light brown boots!

Cosy Afternoons with Soft Boots and Sweatsuits

Sweats and softies are a timeless combination. They are ideal for running errands or for visiting the library to have a study session. Draping a trench coat and a pair of shades can add major vibes to your look.

Lounge Mood

When lazing around in your sofas, a pair of warm slippers thrown over your everyday nightwear can exhibit such a mood!

Drawing Inspiration from Celebrity Looks

You can turn to inspiration from the different celebs who have won the UGG boots fashion. It can be Gigi Hadid flaunting her winter boots over a pair of black leggings, a graphic tee, an overcoat, and a pair of shades.

You can also wear boots like Alessandra Ambrosio on a pair of comfortable slouchy socks. Inspired by Andriana Lima’s edgy UGGs looks paired with a teddy coat to keep you warm and chic.

It has been a while since these boots have returned to the fashion front and turning heads. So, complete your winter looks with your brand new winter-y boots and play the field creating comfy yet bold outfits.

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