Youtube downloader with python using PyTube library

Mithu Mithu Nov 27, 2019 · 2 mins read
Youtube downloader with python using PyTube library

Create a Youtube downloader with python using PyTube library

So here's the thing,  I was playing around with python and thought why not create a simple program that can download any song from Youtube just by the song name, artist or the Youtube URL.

I listen to music a lot personally and thought may be you guys will like it too..

Let's get started.

PyTube is a light-weight python library to download YouTube videos/audios. It has a bunch of features built in.

We'll require some more libraries as well for doing various tasks.

  1. Beautiful Soup - for scraping links from Youtube
  2. requests - for making HTTP requests to the Youtube
  3. PyTube - ofcourse for downloading the song/video

Before we create the program, make sure those dependencies are installed on your computer.
just run the command:

pip install bs4 requests pytube

Let's do some programming now...


#import the libraries:
#the webbrowser, and os modules are built-in python 3.x.x and above
import webbrowser
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
import requests
import urllib.request
from pytube import YouTube
import os

#get song name from user
word_list = [] #for storing the links
print("Song name - artist  OR Youtube URL\n")
songToSearch = input()

#searh YouTube for the video/song
query = urllib.parse.quote(songToSearch)
url = "" + query

#get the response and find all the video id (with class yt-uix-title-link)
#and store them in the word_list[]
response = urllib.request.urlopen(url)
html =
soup = BeautifulSoup(html, 'html.parser')
for vid in soup.findAll(attrs={'class':'yt-uix-tile-link'}):
#get the first video link
songURL = ""+word_list[0]

yt = YouTube(songURL)
songToDownload = yt.streams.get_by_itag('140') #stream itag 140 is for mp4 audio

#get title and file size of the song/video
songName = yt.title
fileSize = songToDownload.filesize

#download the file
print("downloading.. ["+ str(fileSize/(1024*0.00000095367432)) +"MB]: "+songName) 
print("Download Complete.")

    #rename the mp4 audio file to mp3
    #works on most of the systems with no conversion
    os.rename(songName+".mp4", songName+".mp3")
    print("Converted Succesfully")
    print("Something went wrong. \nPlease convert the file manually.")


Run the program :


Enter the desired song name and your song will be downloaded in the working directory as a mp3 file.


Footnotes: This program just downloads the audio file. The PyTube library can do much more than that.
Checkout the documentation for more.

Also feel free to checkout the repo at Github:

- Mithu Mondal


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