Live your Dreams!!

Gautam Gautam Donate Nov 26, 2019 · 1 min read
Live your Dreams!!

The man who beholds the power of nature and surpasses the true gods’ will. He who loves the kindness of the others, he who loves the happiness of the beholders.

The man who loves to stay night bearing the truth and passing the lives in front of any danger.

He who loves the game of truth and dare but never had dare that harms the nature and the surroundings, he is the man, he is the armed soldier, he is the man of good will, always lovable of what he cares, what he deserves, he who lives his lives of full potential, he who dares to dream of his success and though works on it. Someday he will acquire the fate and someday he will be his own leader and the world cheering for him.

There always stay a two path way, one may lead you to the natural world of peace and mesmerized lives while other may lead you to the danger of sarcastic moments and powerful legends beholding the death in their hands waiting for someone to just breakthrough. No one can just decide which way to follow. We are for our lives and for what we can do and so follow with our own decision.

Live your Dreams !!


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