After a while

Gautam Gautam Donate Nov 13, 2019 · 1 min read
 After a while

It’s been a while since I haven’t touched my notebook and pen, have been busy working on my craft..

Success doesn’t come easy though, you have to work hard enough to get your goals, you got to trust and have faith in God, he will help you out always!
Sometimes it is hard to follow the path you build, you get obstacles that binds you to nowhere leaving you with one thought – “wish I shouldn’t have done that” but that was your past and it was a mistake, and most importantly this is the moment when you realize it! If you’re strong enough, then you must have created many different ways to remove that obstacles from your path and this increases your potential to learn more and be more confident.

While working on my craft, what I learned is how to keep myself busy teaching my brain, how to access more resources and use them no matter how much time it takes but you gonna be perfect, once you’re ready nobody can let you down! You just need to wake up!

Now days I ignore crowds saying all those hatreds, I see many lines crossing here and there, some yelling on each other while some being jealous, some being serious about their next weddings, I only found few discussing about their crafts, how they can change themselves in coming days, what they can become to get their brain to that potential, seeing that success smiley, I wrote this –

“if you are smiling from inside! Think that you already got your dream!”

There’s always a test, in every path you build, every step you take, only thing to know here is how you appear in it.

Thanks guys for reading this out! I appreciate your time!


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